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The widescreen ratio in the advertisement is but a compulsory requirement of Steam of uploading pictures on the store page. We apologize for any misunderstanding.

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Players get to play as a girl disguised as a man, FuChai, as the King of Ng. The dateable characters are: XiShi, a famous beauty in ancient China who is an actual lady in history but in this story, we have turned her into a man, an old enemy, GouJian, the undisputably loyal, Wu ZiXu, and the ever-vigilant guard, Chen Feng.

Will they choose the man over the country? Love over hate?

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Who will they finally end up with? As a child, he was FuChai's playmate. His medical skills are second to none.

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He is gentle and kind. Liege Dating Site.

  • В один прекрасный день я буду знать ответ.
  • Она была свернута в странные формы, ускользающие от взора; чем дольше они всматривались, тем более обширной казалась эта оболочка.
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  • Для меня это место выглядит таким же мертвым, как и первая планета из тех, что мы посетили.
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nickname is XiShi. He is a proud and arrogant person who suffered terrible humiliation as a slave. That makes him even more and more determined to take revenge on Ng by exterminating the whole country but inadvertently, he becomes friends with FuChai.

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The King of Chu executed his family and clansmen when he was a boy, and his hair turned white overnight. HéLǘ brought him up, and his only mission in life is to help FuChai break the sacred vow with the Dragon God. He is highly wary but reliable.

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He Liege Dating Site. a calm, unapproachable man of few words. The background art and fashion depicted in the artwork is only for aesthetic purposes and is not historically accurate.

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Additionally, the spirits, ghost and gods described here are from legends and folktales of how mankind can conquer elements of nature. Due to the historical setting, certain concepts might not conform to the general consensus of modern society, but it does not in any way represents the position of the production team on the subject. Cerinţe de sistem.

  • The widescreen ratio in the advertisement is but a compulsory requirement of Steam of uploading pictures on the store page.
  • Ветер обдавал холодом его его легко одетое тело, но Элвин едва замечал это неудобство, продираясь через поток воздуха.
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  • Да, время от времени он мог нарушить этот порядок - но лишь слегка.
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