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Advertising holds thus an extremely important place, because it is the vector that drives the people to buy unnecessary products. Most of us are not aware of the linguistic strategies that the copywriters fully exploit, becoming easily manipulative. Thus, studying the language of advertising proves an Epicurean Woman Research.

useful opportunity, as it offers insights into its internal persuasive mechanisms. The theoretical part aims to provide a complex and solid background for the linguistic study of advertising and to offer a unifying synthesis of the research in the field of conceptual metaphors.

The first chapter aims at dealing with the linguistic analysis of the discourse of advertising by paying special attention to the following linguistic aspects: the genre to which this particular kind of discourse belongs, its rhetorical, stylistic and pragmatic features.

It also aims at providing a solid and revealing linguistic analysis of this discourse from the point of view of Critical Discourse Analysis. The second chapter aims to provide a clear view of some essential aspects such as nature, structure, basis, properties and typology related to the study of cognitive metaphors.

The two remained personal and political friends for the rest of their lives.

The empirical part aims to decode the meaning of advertisements and to identify and analyse the conceptual metaphors that underlie their structure. In other words, I shall analyse the linguistic strategies that allow advertisements to achieve Epicurean Woman Research.

persuasive goals. My point of departure is the hypothesis according to which conceptual metaphors are pervasive in advertisements and they play an essential role in decoding their meaning. My choice is supported by the fact that conceptual metaphors are pervasive in this particular field of advertising. Bringing together elements belonging to the field of critical discourse analysis, cognitive semantics and pragmatics, this paper is aimed at providing a revealing, original and comprising analysis of beverage advertisements.

I shall discuss them in turn. The first chapter deals with the language of advertising. It proposes a linguistic analysis of this language by paying attention to the following linguistic Epicurean Woman Research.

rhetoric, stylistics, pragmatics, Epicurean Woman Research. critical discourse analysis. The subchapter that deals with the rhetorical features of this language offers insights into the persuasive mechanism that advertising extensively relies on.

In the subchapter that is dedicated to the stylistic features, I shall analyse the Epicurean Woman Research. novelty of this language in accordance with the five linguistic levels: phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology and semantics.

The subchapter dedicated to pragmatics will analyse essential elements of the meaning of advertisements Epicurean Woman Research. as presupposition, entailment and speech acts.

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The last subchapter adopts a holistic view of this language, paying special attention to the other elements that are part of this discourse.

The second chapter deals with analysing the conceptual metaphors. It studies the nature, the structure, the basis, the properties and the typology of this metaphor in an attempt to offer a clear view of this linguistic domain.

The third chapter analyses advertisements belonging to the field of beverages, while paying special attention to the conceptual metaphors that underlie their meaning. It attempts to unveil the hidden persuasive mechanisms that allow advertisements to achieve their purpose.

This paper proves valuable for all those who are interested in studying the language of advertising within the cognitive linguistic framework. I would Epicurean Woman Research. like to thank the professors who introduced me in the field of linguistics, and especially those that made me get acquainted with the cognitive linguistic view.

Ionela-Maria Neagu, for her keen interest and support and for her valuable pieces of advice. All these perspectives are closely related and they try to offer a complete and unified image of this particular type of discourse.

My research consists in bringing together various levels of interpretation of the discourse under question in an attempt to provide an original, comprehensive and unifying synthesis.

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People encounter advertisements everywhere around them and many of us seem to take them for granted. Ironically, though they are omnipresent, providing a definition for this particular concept is extremely difficult. Therefore, advertisements are meant at drawing the attention of the reader to their content with Epicurean Woman Research.

view of making that particular person be interested in buying that product.

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Consequently, one can easily notice Epicurean Woman Research. main feature that characterises this type of discourse: advertisements mainly perform a persuasive function in an attempt to sell that item. Being a particular kind of discourse automatically involves the presence of a set of components. As Guy Cook points out in his Discourse of Advertisingtwo major dimensions lie at the basis of this type of discourse i. The former refers to linguistic forms and is artificially and temporarily severed from its context for analytic purposes.

The latter includes the following subparts: 1. They can be classified as senders and receivers, or addressers and addressees, though the sender is not always the same as the addresser, nor is the receiver always the addressee. For instance, in a television advert, the addressor may be a famous celebrity, while the sender is the advertising agency. Similarly, the receiver is Epicurean Woman Research. who encounters the advert, though the addressees may be a specific target group.

As discourses perform distinctive functions for instance, the discourse of advertising performs a persuasive functionthey can be divided into different genres, a term borrowed from literary studies. Broadly speaking, a Site- ul francez de dating german can be defined as a set of discourses exhibiting similarities in terms of purpose, structure, content, style and intended audience.

Swales, in Cook, 7 Therefore, Epicurean Woman Research. examples of genre can be provided as an example: lessons, e-mails, prayers, jokes, novels, poetry, plays, narratives, films, soap operas, political campaigns etc.

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However, like any other categories, genre boundaries can be easily defied. This is the case of transgenic discourses, which blur the genre boundaries, in an attempt to provide an original piece of discourse. Epicurean Woman Research. represent a prime instance of transgenic discourse. They often make use of drama, storytelling, jokes, stylised action, novel writing techniques and daily 6 conversation in order to convey their persuasive message.

Epicurean Woman Research. a mixture of different genres, the genre of advertising cannot be given a precise definition.

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This is also due to their diachronic evolution and their synchronous state of affairs. As far as the former axis is concerned, many changes occurred within the evolution of advertisements throughout the twentieth century. There were many shifts in terms of style, content and structure, though one of their main purposes remained the same. When looking at the latter axis, one is certainly struck by their variety. Therefore, there are also advertisements that do not sell anything, but warn, plead or seek support for a certain cause.

There are also some other genres such as Epicurean Woman Research.

You are on page 1of 15 Search inside document The religion of the Getae-Dacians [1] - non-commercial paper by an anonymous researcher Revision January "In ancient times religion was underlying and supporting every relation of life and every social institution. A supernatural presidency consecrated and kept together all the cardinal institutions of early times: state, race and family" Sir H Maine The Getae-Dacians ethno genesis and the term Getae-Dacians The proto-Thracians were the Indo-Europeans who settled among the population already inhabiting the Carpathian- Balkan region [2] The general view is that the Bronze Age Epicurean Woman Research. emerged from the fusion of the local Eneolithic stock with the Indo-Europeans intruders. The origins of the name are not clear, but it is probable that at first the names applied only to a very restricted area and group of people and that later they covered a whole region occupied by tribes of the same ethnic origin [3] Hecataeus of Miletus BC BC Epicurean Woman Research. the first historian before Herodotus who mentions tribes from the Getic group of Thracians.

or songs that become advertisements when used in a particular way. Finally, though most of them perform a persuasive function, Epicurean Woman Research. may also manipulate, inform, misinform, amuse or warn. Moreover, their function as intended by the sender is not identical with the one intended by the addresser, nor is it the same as the one perceived by the receiver. For instance, the manufacturer wants the advertisement to have a persuasive function and therefore to sell that particular product, though the copyrighter may seek to assert his artistic talent via the creation of that advertisement Cook, Finally but yet importantly, the receiver may assign the same advertisement an amusing or propagandistic function.

As we shall see later on, the language of advertising mainly evinces the conative, the poetic and the referential function. This subchapter focuses on the conative function, while the two subsequent subchapters Epicurean Woman Research. with the other two functions that are performed by the language of advertising.

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It is also worth noticing that in advertising, persuasion is not overt, but camouflaged. Advertisers do not order the readers, instead, they suggest, advise, recommend, urge, and thank them for 7 eing loyal to a certain brand, while adopting a friendly attitude. They disguise their persuasive goals by foregrounding the advantages consumers may derive from buying that particular product.

The persuader represents the company for which the advertisement is created. Most companies usually hire advertising agencies that are in charge of creating advertisements. Therefore, the persuader is not a single person, but a group of people who share an interest in selling a particular product. He is also the initiator of the advertising communication Epicurean Woman Research. and the one that decides the persuasive strategies that will be used.

The persuadee represents the addressee of the persuasive process. He is the target that is supposed to change his consuming habits.


The persuadee is not a single person, but a rather heterogeneous group of people sharing a common need. For instance, the persuadee of a bra advertisement is all females having reached puberty, while the persuadee of a cigarette advert is all smokers no matter their gender or age. Due to the fact that it lacks feedback, contemporary advertising is a unilateral, one way mass communication process.

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The persuadee has a passive role, because he is not given the chance to contradict, or to adjust the claims made by the persuader. He is not verbally active. He is just the recipient of a persuasive message. However, it is worth noticing that some Mesaj pentru a intalni o fata commercials mimic real-life situations by showing an actor handling the Cautari de om alb. to another person who plays at being a novice, an ignorant with respect to that product.

Thus, they enhance their persuasive potential. He also put much emphasis on the fact that rhetoric is more about opinion doxa rather than knowledge that is certain episteme. For instance, to gain ground, environmentalists emphasise the medical properties of rare plants being on the verge of extinction.

Creating dramatic metaphors represents another Epicurean Woman Research. of making the addressee get involved emotionally.

Contact Medierea presupune soluționarea pe cale amiabilă a conflictelor de orice natură. Mother Nature sometimes known as Mother Earth or the Earth Mother is a Greco-Roman essay of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing marathis of nature by embodying it, in the form of the mother.

As cognitive linguists hold that our cognition and implicitly our language are metaphorically structured, it proves a valuable persuasive tool. Narratives represent a powerful tactic used to persuade, because they can conjure up emotional visions.

They contextualise different ideas, putting them in a certain frame and requiring little cognitive processing effort. Thus, they are accessible, easy to understand and memorable, causing the reader to digest the ideas they feature. Description is another tactic of persuasion.

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Visual evidence is a very powerful tool of persuasion. For instance, the image of a starving child will clearly persuade the reader to send money. They arouse sympathy and action. Analogy can be Epicurean Woman Research., though sometimes it is false.

Bringing two concepts together, analogy creates a strong association in the mind of the reader, eventually leading to their reciprocal identification. As already told, one of the major macro-functions that is foregrounded by the language of advertising is the poetic function. Due to the fact that advertising exhibits a particular expressive style, an analysis from the stylistic point of view is required.

This analysis focuses on this poetic function, being structured in accordance with the five levels of language: Epicurean Woman Research., morphology, syntax, lexicology and semantics. Guy Cook considers that one of the major stylistic features of advertisements is deviation.

Therefore, they depart from conventions, foregrounding their own stylistic peculiarities.

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This deviation or divergence from norms occurs at all linguistic levels. This borrowing has mnemotechnical effects, fulfilling the purpose of advertisements of being remembered by its readers. Rhythm is a prosodic feature that can be defined as a repeated sound patterning.

If it exhibits regularity, it is called metre. Alliteration is a linguistic device consisting of a succession of stressed syllables that begin with the same consonant sound or letter. It is very common in advertising slogans.